So what went wrong with the gig?

There was no gig for anything to go wrong with.
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I'd be pretty pissed off
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Foo fighters music is ok, but the way dave acted when they had a concert here disgusted me. He holds himself like a spoiled teenage girl.
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I tell him to stop but he doesn't listen.

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So what went wrong with the gig?

There was no gig for anything to go wrong with.

i think the station shouldn't have done that tbh, but i read about it earlier and thought it quite funny
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yeah fire him secretly... thats what im doing except im firing myself and secretly joining someone elses band

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If you get a virus by looking at porn, is it considered a sexually-transmitted disease?

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thanks for the compliment man!
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...Expecting around 50 listeners to turn up...

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So much down syndrome

remember UG Community? thought so.
That happened here a few years ago when 'steps' were big although not to the same scale. The local radio station said that they were going to perform a surprise gig on the steps of St Georges Hall. They got so many complaints from parents who took their kids only for them to be told that it wasn't gonna happen.

Kids cried so I lol'd.
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