i want to know what hendrix tunes you all like to listen too or play.... i have a bunch myself like....

Power of Soul
I don't Live Today
Little Wing
May This Be Love
Spanish Castle Magic
Message of Love
Dolly Dagger
Wind Crys Mary
Bold as Love

but its ever changeing these are the ones i have liked for awhile.... what can i say exept My God is Hendrix!
Spanish Castle Magic
Voodoo Child Slight Return
Manic Depression
I Don't Live Today
Stone Free
Purple Haze
Red House
Born Under a Bad Sign (cover)

That's all the Hendrix I play in my band.
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Message Of Love
Spanish Castle Magic
Eazy Rider
Burnng Of The Midnight Lamp
Castles Made Of Sand
Who Knows
Whatever influenced Joe Satriani.
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Why not ask in the Jimi Hendrix thread in the B&A forum?
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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ezy ryder is definitely one of his best unknown songs go listen to it on youtube. the rainbow bridge version is bleh but its my fav live version of it.

voodoo child
castles made of sand
*every song*
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Voodoo Child
All Along The Watchtower

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Most of them...

Actually the only ones that I wouldn't call my favorite depending on my mood are his most famous ones like Purple Haze, Fire and Foxey lady.

Hey Baby, Ezy Rider, My Friend, Like a Rolling Stone at Monterey, and Red House are some of my top favorites.
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I really like Bold as Love, and Fire.

Little Wing and The Wind Cries Mary are awesome too.
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I love Voodoo Chile Slight Return and Third Stone From The Sun... that song is freaking trippy.
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Red House
Maniac Depression
Machine Gun
Voodoo Child
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Voodoo child
All along the watchtower
Foxy lady
Spanish trippy magic castle

Most people i've talked to don't realy like jimi's singing voice though they just enjoy the guitar elements of his music, but i actuly think hes got a good voice.
Voodoo child
Castles made of sand
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Most people i've talked to don't realy like jimi's singing voice though they just enjoy the guitar elements of his music, but i actuly think hes got a good voice.

i agree man i dig his voice