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> 6 months
1 3%
6 months- a year
4 10%
a year- 2 years
5 13%
2-3 years
3 8%
3+ years
3 8%
I'm self taught
23 59%
Voters: 39.
I've been having lessons for two years from my, quite frankly, brilliant guitar teacher. I was thinking if I should stop or not, and I just thought I'd see when you stopped having geetar lessons.
I never had any lessons in over 8 years of playing, but I might take some for more advanced techniques. If you feel your guitar teacher can't teach you anything new, find another one or continue on your own
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taught myself up to where i am now, but im considering lessons for the "musical" side of it,
etc, notes, scales.
carry on with your lessons if you are really gaining progress, or if you happy as a guitarist at the moment then quit.
totally up to you dude, personal opinion counts
Yeah, I don't really feel like I'm learning much anymore... although I'm learning theory on my own, I might ask him to help me with that.
I taught myself until I felt like I was stuck going forward. Once I got to that point I started taking lessons to be better well rounded. So if you feel like he's not teaching you anything, I'd definitely quit. Why pay for something that you can teach yourself for free.
i play for a year now, and taught myself al of it. and it's going pretty well i think
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Never got guitar lessons, I got book from a libary to teach me how to read tabs and make me understand guitar terms and basics, chords, and what not(A year before i actually got my first guitar lol) , then(When i got my guitar) the internet for sweep picking, alternate picking, scales, how to use them etcc...

Its all about practising the right stuff the right way and learning new stuff which is correct not false

happy shredding!!!

ive only been playing a year now, and im pretty good compared to other people who have beeen playing 2 years or 1.5 years or 12 years lol(My m8 who had a gitar for 12 years lol)

guitar teachers beat around the bush, but your mind doesent - internet and UG.com taught me everything
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Never got guitar lessons

happy shredding!!!

ive only been playing a year now, and im pretty good compared to other people who have beeen playing 2 years or 1.5 years or 12 years lol(My m8 who had a gitar for 12 years lol)

These things make you come across very cocky.

To the TS, go to the lessons aslong as you feel you're learning something.
Talk about stuff you would like learn more with your guitar teacher if you haven't already. Like you said of the theory.
Thx for that super-lame pre-teen post 2mins2midnite.

I also didn't go for lessons, until last year mid-year. It helps in music theory and since I am going to study Music at tertiary level next year I need to know adequate theory.

My advice: Stop going for lessons when you satisfied with where you are and think you can take it further by yourself. It is all about personal goals. If you reach a grade 4 or maybe 5 level on theory and a grade 7 practical level, then that is enough unless you want to study music at tertiary level.
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If your teacher is brilliant, TS, then why not keep going to him/her? There's probably always something new to learn. Personally, I never took lessons, but I'm contemplating them...been playing for 3 years, and I really need to get professional one-on-one help with theory.
my teacher had to leave after 5 months of lessons and then i was like whatever I don't need lessons anymore.

as long as you feel like you can learn something new or something that is hard to learn on your own. since he is a brilliant teacher i would stay with him. but if you can excel by yourself or you just don't feel like going anymore, it is not bad to quit but i would probably stay with the teacher.
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