(1)How do you know what needs to resolve??

(2)i know that the leading tone want to go to the tonic.. but does the Subdominant want to go to the Mediant or is it the other way around?

(3)Talking about the major scale.. when decending would the notes that are consonance be the same..
for example.. maj. 6th and min. 3rd is there consonance the same?

(4)When decending (in C maj) CDEFGABCDEFGABC
when going from C to A would it be a considered a min 3rd or a maj 6th??
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1. it is a very vague question that i cartainly can't answer

2. i would have said that the sub-dominant wants to lead to the dominant. Perhaps the same with sub-mediant leading to mediant. (although, again, i am not too sure)

3&4. I think you would usually refer to an interval as a 'minor 3rd up' or a 'minor 3rd down' so it depends on where you start the interval from... C to A up would be a major 6th, C to A down would be a minor 3rd down. In my opinion anyway! When the notes are played harmonically, you could take either interval although in the context of a key, you would work from the root.