I wanna get a good amp, which i can use for gigging too - 100W or below or something like that

Im intrested in the randall amps becasue ive heard them and they sound really good
i play thrash whith lots of solos, so i need something that will enhance my tone instead of making it worse

Randall amps? v2? RH150G3? etc..

Tube amps?


Looking for a Head and a Cab
how much have you got too spend? and what type thrash tone?
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Something below £500 or below £800, im not going 0ver 800
and thrash i mean slayer or simlar sound to early metallica - ride the lightning- kill em all
or children of bodom tone
Umm... Can you get a used 5150 or something for that price? But with that budget, I think you should maybe look into combos. Possibly an Engl? Although they're rather bright. JCM800 with a pedal for OLD school tones, possibly 900 with a pedal for more modern stuff. But maybe it's better if you get a more metal suited amp.

Randall RG50TC, and the new Bugeras (if you're not afraid of possible reliability problems) are also worth a shot, although I believe they're not the best you can get with that money.
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