My newly formed band and I are going to perform at a wedding this weekend. The band consists of drums, bass, guitar (me), keyboard, and singer.

I'm playing a Fender Strat through a Fender Princeton Reverb amp with a Tubescreamer. We aren't going to be playing anything heavy at all, as a matter of fact we've been requested to play Alicia Keys and Coldplay songs (Diary, Clocks) by the bride and groom.

I was hoping that someone could provide some tips on setting up etc. I apologize if this has been asked a billion times.
uhhhh...i have no clue, but if theres gonna be a PA, mic up your amp if its not gonna be loud enough, and EQ some of the bass out on the mixer that way Alica Keys won't end up sounding like some hardcore rock.
You might want to raise the amp up so it projects the sound at head height for the audience rather than aiming them at their stomachs.

get someone (someone who has an idea of what a band should sound like) to stand at the back of the hall where you're playing and get them to check the levels so that all the instruments can be heard.

Also, if a certain instrument can't be heard, don't automatically turn that one up. When people do that it ends up as a wall of noise. I assume that if anything isn't going to be mic'd up it'll be the the drums. So use that as the instrument to gauge the others volumes by.

You might also want to try the bandleading forum in musicians talk. They'll probably be able to give you better advice.
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