First of all, hi everyone as this is my first post, although ive been lurking for a while

I've got myself a dirt cheap second hand hohner/rockwood strat copy thing to have a go at customising.

My initial idea was to strip it back to the wood, reshape it, then varnish it. This plan has hit a possible problem though, as when i stripped it apart the body seems to be made of MDF.

does anyone have any experience with MDF (or similar looking stuff) bodies?
thats kinda typical of strat copies, i'd say go ahead and reshape it, and do a solid color finish. if you really want the varnish look, you could always try putting some type of veneer over it and varnishing that, but it wouldn't be easy. id stick with a solid color.
if i reshaped it then plastered it with news paper cuttings, what would you recommend to stick them down with and what to varnish it with?

cheers, i've been pondering it for a while, but i was reluctant to butcher my gibson, so i bought myself the japocaster to 'play' with =)
thanks rednwhiteblues

let the hunt commence for interesting newspaper cuttings now...