Hi, i have both Lavasoft Ad-Aware and PC Anti-Spyware(which cost me $50) And I just did an Ad-Aware full system scan and it reported that my PC Anti Spyware program was in fact a spyware program with a risk rating of 3. What does this mean? Did I just pay 50 bucks for a bogus program? The program itself is legit, you can schedule scans and it deletes spyware or at least says it does, it even has real time protection. Is it a glitch? Competition type thing? Is Ad aware just labeling it as such so you'll delete it and buy there stuff or what?

Help would be much appreciated
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AdAware is 100% legit and is probably the best anti-spyware program out there. The way it monitors your computer may register as spyware by the other program, or it could even be a competitive thing like you mentioned.
Get Adaware (which you already have) and then get Spybot Search and Destroy, which is free and spyware/adware free, it is an open source program that works wonders and will catch everything Adaware misses. These two programs work hand in hand, in fact adaware use to advertise spybot on their site until they started charging, they don't like competition i guess...
Nevermind any of those, get Super Anti Spyware (I know, crap name but don't judge a book....) which is free. I had all the programmes mentioned at one stage or another. The proof is in the pudding, I did a scan with AdAware and then Spybot, both said I had no spyware, then I used Super Anti Spyware and it found 165 instances of spyware