i know its a noobish question, but i'd like to know whats the difference between overdrive and distortion (sounds)
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amp doesn't matter :P
Without going in to any detail, overdrive is just like a light distortion that can also be used as like a boost for solos.
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Also, overdrive can be used to play open chords and stuff which you normally can't on a distortion without sounding like ****.
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fukken 'ell

if you want the proper music tech definition.

overdrive is a soft sound, coming from old valve-style amps being cranked to far, so the signal begins to break and distort, characterised by it's rich warm tone and versatility. usually used in blues and hard rock.

distortion is a digital sound, coming for a processor chip, like overdrive but much, much harder, the kind of sound that would destroy your amp if your tried to get it from tubes. characterised by it high responsiveness and fast release. mainly used in metal.

and you're done.
thx for the explanations, especially glowskulls.
Digitech RP250
Stagg Acoustic
Ibanez RGA32 (EMG 81/85)
amp doesn't matter :P
to get more technical overdrive is usually produced from extreme compression and amplification and distortion is produced by clipping (at least in fx pedals)

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