hey guys, I'm looking for some advanced songs(more rhythm and such) and some songs with beginner-ish sweep picking in them...any help would be appreciated
Well you like metalcore stuff so try As Blood Runs Black... its more advanced and the sweeps shouldn't be too hard to learn.
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Avenged Sevenfold has some stuff that you'd be interested in.
Avenged Sevenfold Chapter Four or Remenissions I think..
Cannon Rock by Jerry C, good 3 string sweeps
War by Joe Satriani, nice song to learn
Always with me always with you by Joe Satriani
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If you're brand new to sweeping, start with Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu.
Doesn't matter if you can't stand listening to it, it's very simple and it's good practise.
And as an Advanced song, learn Technical Difficulties by Racer X.
That song kicks ass.

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