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I finished this a few weeks ago, never posted it though.

The ending isn't exactly the best it could be, but oh well.

Lemme know what you think.
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no t in a massive way but it sorta sound like sigur ros
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I hate to bump.... But I would like some critique on this. =)
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Sounds great after a quick listen...I'll elaborate when I get back
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You definately have something here matey. However that intro with that "creative use of volume" is bugging me no end. I like the idea of it but it just doesn't flow enough to be a decent string instrumental, as it were. And secondly the drums in the outro seemed sort of stuttering if you see what I mean, think about looking at them again.

Over all I loved it. Just those two little niggles.
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Yeah, I know what you mean. I really got tired of the swells when I was writing it... But it's their to be general.. They wouldn't swell so much, just a natural swell from the strings and note changes.

And I'm not sure what you mean about the drums.. Are you talking about 138-145?
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Very cool and relaxing song! It sure is a breeze of fresh air from all the death metal / core songs in here . Nice work!

The intro string was good, but you repeated it for too long, and it started to get annoying. I suggest that you reduce the intro to just 16 bars. The ending was okay, but imo it wasn't as good as the rest of the song, but that's only because I'm not a huge fan of fade-out lol .

I really liked the drum rhythm on some part, specifically the one starting at bar 36 and 140, since it made the song felt alive lol. However, I suggest instead of only using bass drums, you could alternate it with hi-hats and ride cymbals (i.e. 42-46-44 or 51-53-51 instead of just 35-35-35).

You should also improve the bass and give it more groove, and interlock it with the drum. The cool drum rhythm is wasted if it isn't supported by a solid bass line, and a great bass section will certainly improve this song. Overall, I give it a 8/10. It could as well be a 9 or 10 if it weren't for the intro strings and the outro .

C4C please?
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thanks for the crit!!

this song was really cool and mellow for the first half of it and then the rest was just decent. the drums near the end didnt fit the song IMO and it distracted me from the rest of the song. fix the drums and the /7-9-9 parts at 102 and 111 and the song will flow a lot better.

7.5/10 pretty good just fix the little things. nice job!!