What sort of techniques, scales and chords would I have to use to achieve this sort of sound? Recently been inspired by the music in Medieval 2: Total War, and I'd love to be able to get a sound that's reminiscent of that sort of epic battle music...
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start studying nile's music
there are some videos on youtube that show how to get their sound and what they had to do
they show some of the chords they made up to get the middle eastern sound
look up user~maat~re and study the beginning of it

and get an 11 stringed fretless =]
a lot of it is also the instrumentation, you could play the same chords as the orchestra is palying, but might not sound like what you thought it would.
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learn phygrian dominant and harmonic minor scales
it also relate alot to what the other instruments are doin underneath the guitar
check out al dimeola
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oh sorry, i was thinking this said middle eastern


Middle Eastern would be good too.