I am a junior in high school right now and, due to an accident my freshman year that forced me to drop out for a semester, i am extremely credit defficeint. Now i have found ways to make up most of the credit i need, but i still need one more course, and i think i found it in my schools jazz band, but you need to be able to read music to join, and i cannot.

So long story short, what are some easy ways to learn to read music?
Read a book on it. Take private lessons. Teach yourself over the internets. Watch videos on it.

Etc, etc etc....
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I did it with guitar pro, just keeping both tab and notation sections open and learning from that. It's not actually as hard as it seems, mostly just a mental thing.
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It's not actually as hard as it seems, mostly just a mental thing.

Well duh.
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And for TS, i would advise private lessons.

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