Im having trouble with tuning on my S470 (ZR bridge).

When I tune my low e perfectly, I play the 12th fret and it sounds about a quarter step flat.

Adjust the inotation perhaps? FAIL

I tried moving the saddle towards the nut, and yes it started working, but ive got to a point where the note is still a bit flat and the saddle cannot move any further.

Im at a loss as to what to do.

Adjust truss rod maybe? Do something with the action/bridge/retainer bar? Burn the guitar and learn the drums?

Help appreciated
(I dont live near civilization so please dont recommend a guitar tech)

learn drums. More important.
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One of my guitars was doing that... I just stopped caring. It's close enough for metal.
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what type of bridge do you have?

on tune-o-matic bridges you might have to flip the saddles around for them to reach their correct position.