I've just recently bought a new bass, a Hudson ProjectBass five string, and whenever I play a note that is a little bit accentuated, the signal is distorted (It usually happens on the lower notes). I've narrowed it down to two reasons.

Reason one: The signal is too hot coming from the bass to the amp due to the active electronics, which could probably be fixed with a bit of compression.

Reason two: The speaker in my amp is too small to handle the lower frequencies (which is probably unlikely due to the fact that it never happened with my other bass). So it could be solved with a larger cabinet/speaker if that were the case.

Could you give me a bit of help please?
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I've had that problem lately with my 6-string ibanez, whenever i play a note hard, it gets fuzzy, and it happenned to more than just my B string so i concluded that it was not the extra low frequencies that this amp specifically couldn't handle.

However, the answer was obvious, simply because it was only one amp that made such reactions, all others were fine,

and so I concluded that that amp sucked.
What size speaker are you using? Also check and see if anything around your amp is moving when you play, that happened to me and it turned out that a box of my brothers picks were shaking on the table.
I've got a fresh battery in my bass so thats not the problem. And I'm using a single twelve inch speaker.
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding