So, I am going to be modding a 1996 MIM SSH Strat. Now, the first things I am going to replace on this puppy is the stock pickups, bridge, and tuners. I play blues mostly, but its a strat, so I want to keep some of its versatility.

In terms of pickups, i am torn between the Lace Gold Dually set and just forking over the dough for the David Gilmore EMG DG20 loaded pickguard with all the bells and whistles. Another option would be to put a pearly gate humbucker on the bridge and throw on two Lace Sensor Gold pups in the neck and middle positions.

In terms of bridges, I am going to take out the stock bridge and replace it with a callaham MIM upgrade bridge. Heard this will really add sone tone and sustain to the strat.

Now, tuners, i am not too farmiliar with. I have replaced parts in most of my other guitars except for the tuners. Any suggestions would be awesome.

Next up after this initial purchase will be a neck replacement, and I think I am going to go vintage for this, but once again, any suggestions would be great. I like a nice "c" shaped neck. Any particular years stand out for fender "c" necks??

Thats all for now. Just wondering what peoples thoughts on this mod are. Any input is welcome. Thanks!
I would definatly get some Schaller locking tuners if you have the money. But if not, Planet Waves and Grover make some good ones as well. And i would put in the Pearly Gates hb and the Lace Golds.
ahh, tax returns, I think I can afford it. Thats the problem with tax returns, you end up spending it all on guitars.

In this case, a guitar and a Blues Jr (blew out my other one, what a sad day that was)