E Down
D Down Up Down
A Down Up Down
i understand but then my tutor wrote some weird thing on my note paper today that i dont understand its the bit that comes after that, he wrote it down like a tab with the top E string string then b string both 3rd fret but they have a curv above them leading to a 0 so it looks like.....
E 3 (curv) 0
B 3(curv)0
C 2(curv)0

what does the curv represent?
I think he meant bend.

What they said.
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hmmm wierd... normaly you play just
E 3 pulloff 0
B 3 pulloff 0
C 2 bend & pulloff 0
it doesn't go


it's more like

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how do i do pull off?

Hammering on is when you pick the string, then hammer on the fret without picking. Pulling off is the opposite, you pick the string and release your finger from the fret, kind of like flicking it off.
you pull off the note, like put your index finger on the 5th fret or the high E, and pull it off to the outside of the fingerboard.
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