i need to replace the output jack on my guitar and im planning on swapping pickups too. ive never really been into doing work on my guitars for fear that i damage them but now i need to learn and get some experience. what are the basic tools i will be needing and does anybody have any advice for me?
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Hmmm, well for a pickup change, you'll need soldering stuff,

-soldering iron
-solder sucker
-screw drivers
-wire cutters
-wire strippers

and an old towel or something to protect your guitars body when you're working on it.

hope this helped
First you need to learn how to solder. Don't start on your new components, because you'll probably screw them up. Actually, if your asking this question, you should probably have someone else do it. My best advice is to find someone nearby who has the skills, and ask them to teach you. If that isn't possible, and you must do this, keep in mind that there is always a price for gaining experience. Go to a guitar wiring website, and you should be able to find a wonk to help. Just like learning to play, there is a learning curve here.