OK, I'm going to be a bit cheeky and say that I have 3 songs for you to crit. They're all on my profile. Mainly its the two new ones, "Back in the Hunt" and "Nightfall".

Any crit you could give on these songs would be helpful, so please be merciless and point out any inaccuracies/mistakes or stuff you don't like .

Well thanks, but I'm only going to count your post as a free bump. So thanks for that. Seriously, I and many others write detailed critiques on people's songs and ask for crits in return. If a song's not a style that I feel I can comment on, I don't post.
Back in the Hunt- I liked this, especially the melody. the chord progression was ehh for me, I think you could spice it up some more with some chromatic shifts and lead ins and such. Nice solo playing too. Maybe turn up the bass a tad bit, it's lacking some low end. Good length.

Nightfall- Cool, intro, nice clean tone for the rhythm guitar. nice progression overall for this one. The lead tone is a bit low, unless that was purposeful, and the tone is a bit too similar to the rhythm, so it blends in and makes it hard to distinguish which is which. I would've done the hi-hat in half time, just to give it a more laidback feeling. Very chill song though, it was a fun listen. I actually got a more sunrise feeling than nightfall.

Trick Sack- really funky, good tones all around. A few bends were a bit out of tune. I like the ambient break part. Good drumming (midi right?).

Oh and your birthday is my half birthday. and yeah I did audition for the first UG album with the tune here http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/atlaua/ but didn't get through. maybe I'll try again.
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Oh yeah, you're exactly six months older than me! lol

EDIT: Really? I don't remember seeing you in the thread. Anyway, don't take offence but the music I just listened to is WAY better than your entry, and has more guitar.

EDIT2: Yeah all my drums are midi with a load of effects added. Also, the lead tone on nightfall was exactly the same as the rhythm tone, I recorded them one after the other. I meant it to blend a bit, but I think your right about it blending too much.
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I liked "Nightfall" a lot. It's got got a nice feel and the is very tasteful - I could hear that in a soundtrack or something. "Back in the Hunt" is cool too. My main problem with that one is that the main melody seems to be repeated a bit too many times in each section - it's a catchy lick, but it gets a little annoying once it's been played a ton. Overall, it's good stuff. You're definitely a good player - a helluva lot more proficient than me at a fraction of the age.

I don't do much instrumental stuff, but here's something I messed around with. I called it "Blow Satriani" because it's kind of Satriani-ish, except sloppy...

Sorry mate, I meant to post this here, as opposed to in MY thread.

Cheers for the crit, I'll write you some lines back on "Nightfall".

I like the ambience on "Nightfall", it's very spacious, and sounds like the music shred guys play over. It's a lot more spacious, without being overly soaked in reverb/delay etc, which is a rare skill in music.

I liked the lead guitar, very nicely done, and for that I wish it'd been mixed a little louder.

Overall, it sounded very professional, my only beef being that it sounded pretty samey all the way through. Louder lead parts would break it up and take away the emphasis from the backing track a bit more. Good job!
Nightfall - Nice sitar type sound in the intro, sounded really cool. It was little boring in the verse though, even when the melody came in. The solo guitar was too quiet, ans its tone was so soft it just kind of melted away into the background. Nice spacious sound, but like I said before, it's missing something, like a main melody. The solo guitar could accomplish this if you mixed it so it stuch out in the mix a little more, and maybe adeed another instrument. Not much variation through out, some nice work going on with the chords though. I would like to see a return to the sitar type thing from the intro, would make it a little more interesting.

Overall, sounded nice, just needed something to add a little more interest and a more confident melody. Seemed to much like a backing track.

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