I've just finished writing the lyrics for a song which to put it simply is about war. I'm stuck with trying to make the actual music reflect this though. Any ideas for Chord progressions, Scales or Modes I could use?

If it's a protest song, you should check out eve of destruction for ideas.

I also recomend snare drums.
I don't know how to help to be honest. If you have lyrics don't you have a melody?
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i think that the snares in eminems "like toy soldiers" represents war well. i cant think of any modes u could use sorry mate

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listn to war ensemble by slayer and if u want peace prepare for war. They have a war-ish feel in them u might find them helpfull
well there are a ton of musical ideas you could use to fit that theme. Iron Maiden and Megadeth both have great examples of metal songs about war, but don't forget guys like Bob Dylan and other 60's folk musicians. There are also plenty of 60's rock bands that wrote about war.
look into joe satrianis war.

last song you'd expect to sound like war, but when you think about it, you wouldnt wanna give it any other name
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Iron Maiden and Megadeth both have great examples of metal songs about war

I'd suggest learning and analysing The Longest Day by Iron Maiden.
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