i like jammed my finger today and it hurts like a bitch to play guitar. does anyone know any ways to make it heal faster or anyting
this is a joke now!

4th finger post - very very very very old!

next one i will report
jammed? in what?
i guess just leave it,it'll probably heal quicker if you don't screw with it , remeber UG is not your doctor
just don't do anythin to strain it, just let it go away o its own. you might not be able to play guitar w/o pain for the day and possibly tomorow
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where did you jam it?

dare i ask...

but seriously, just let it heal.
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how do u report? and it will heal faster if u dnt play guitar dick face!
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cut it off then it wont hurt
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Jam it back up there, should help.
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