Yeah, we sound like Creed a lot but Creed's one of my biggest influences (as are Dream Theater, LTE and 3eb), so it'd probably be odd if we didn't.

We recorded everything in my apartment lol. We've developed a small following in Oneonta NY and a little bit online (mostly through facebook) and have gotten 4000 something pre orders for our latest cd.

I'm the guitarist and songwriter. FWIW, I didn't play at all on the track "God and Girl".

Just throwin' this out there for anyone who's interested. Would love to hear thoughts, critiques, etc.
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It's great that you've got a band going and I really respect that.
But maybe you shouldn't advertise that you sound like Creed. Especially with exclamation marks.
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Haha why not? If I just posted "hey check out my band," I'd get the usual "hey this music is okay but your singer sounds too much like scott stapp gtfo". May as well throw it out there in advance. Plus, Creed sold over 30 million albums. People like them, obv (and yes I know they're probably one of the most ragged-on acts in history lol, but people still buy their records), so if I can get even .01% of Creed's fanbase to listen based on a comparison, I've won. imo, anyway.
its smart to advertise as sounding like creed because even though no one will admitt it everyone at one point liked creed
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Haha thanks. I'm a web designer by day and a wanna be rock star by night lol. My team and I made the site.
I love it. The music is great, and the recording quality is top notch. You guys will get famous sooner or later, I know it. Congrats.
love the vocals... not really to creed reminescent (don't sell yourself short here) guitar style is very tremonti though, which really is a good thing, melody ftw id love to see some tabs on here man
Here's an idea kids, how about we don't flame this guys band?
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dude, you guys are awesome. This is great stuff. I love Creed, but this is the next thing.
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I really like that cover of the freshman. Great song and well done. I was kinda bummed that you left out the intro, it really adds to the song.
And what I meant by the comment about Creed is that a lot of people won't even look at this because you mentioned Creed. I've got nothing against them, just not my style of music.
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okay whoops i thought this thread had died 2 posts ago

thanks teen spirit. we hope to be.

rebel, thanks for the compliments. i know people don't really like creed on the whole, but like someone said earlier in this thread, everyone has liked them at one point or another. i'm very hook-conscious when i write and so is my singer; the music has appeal to the masses imo, just like creed. maybe i'm talking this up too much lol.
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That's fabulous. Creed is my second favorite band of all time - and you do sound very similar to them. Not only the singer, but the guitar sounds similar to Tremonti's (not as good, but he's a god, so no offence haha). You guys seriously have a shot of making it I would say. Best of luck!
your band sounds like it'll make it big, it has that kind of quality
I've seen some things man and some stuff, and i don't recommend it
You band sounds freakin great. I love creed. What is the name of your band tho?
Thanks guys! We're called Red Goodbye. We've been getting a lot of feedback similar to what's been posted here lately. We also have a contact at a major label with a copy of our demo (doesn't everyone though lol), so hopefully something develops from that.

Erik, do you go to SUCO?
Are you sure you're not Creed?

And yeah, everyone says they hate Creed - But Creed's great and they know it.
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