i already removed all the strings off my guitar cuz i have new ones to put on, but before i do that i wanted to give my guitar a good cleaning. ive only had it for a little over a year but ive never cleaned it before so i wanted to ask how shud i clean the wood, the fretboard, and the pickguard.

for the wood my strat came with a fender mist and wipe finish enhancer, so im assuming thats good to use...but let me know if not.

for the fretboard i read that using soap and water is sufficient. i see a little bit of gunk build up around the metal parts, so idk if i shud use anything stronger? its not much of a buildup.

and for the pickguard can i just use the wipe finish enhancer that i use for the wood or not?

and i was wondering shud i not apply anything to the pickups? i dont wanna have to unscrew my guitar to give them a thorough cleaning, if they even need to be cleaned...?

thanks a lot for any advice.
dude i just take windex n wipe it lol
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What is the fretboard made of? If its maple then just stick with the stuff that came with it.
You don't really need to clean i that much, you could polish and dust the finish but nothing else is that important, like the pickups.
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if your fretboard is really dirty, what i do is a take a razor (like from box cutters) and LIGHTLY, i repeat (LIGHTLY), scrape it across the frets to get that **** off. again, lightly. but that's only once in a while. normally i'll just take a damp cloth or a lens cleaner (if you have spray), and wipe it down.
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If you've got a rosewood fretboard use some lemon oil and an old toothbrush to clean the neck. You should be able to find that stuff at any guitar store, as it's made for cleaning and conditioning the neck.

As for the body, just use that finish spray. There's no need to really clean up the body, the spray will get rid of any dust and shine up the finish.
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ok thank you guys so much. i was worried id have to go get a ****load of material just to clean these things.

and my neck is maple so i guess ill just run it down with a slight bit of soapy water.