So, lately I've noticed I have been playing my guitar alot less than I used too. I used to practice about two hours a day, and now i play about half an hour to an hour a day.

So my question is that does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to re-new my intrest in playing? I know how to p[lay most genres proficently, music theory, chord theory, and all the modes and pentotonics.
Once you get to certain point, a brief but intense period(like 15-30minutes) of practice can be just as good as 2hrs.

Go out and listen to or meet(and hopefully jam with) players that are just as good or better then you. This is the only way I've found of breaking out of ruts.

Even youtubing good (non-famous) players can give you motivation.
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get a really good guitar album, and devote your time to being able to play every song on it out of memory

that helped me a lot
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Spending 20 mins study a single aspect of your playing is usually more effective than toiling at drills for hours. Pick a riff and spend 20 mins playing with it to see where you can take it.
meh, listen to more players, get some more influences, playing guitar doesnt have to be set times of practising "aspects" of technique, it can be for fun aswell? just messin around with tones of stuff, obviously if all you do is just work on aspects of your guitar technique it's gonna get abit boring