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Hi all. Would anybody be interested in swapping lead sheets and/or transcriptions (especially of tunes not in the real books)? We could eventually compile the collection of charts and upload them on rapidshare or similar for everybody to access. It's often a pain finding sheets for songs which aren't in the fakebook collection that most jazzers with an internet connection these days have.
I did a lead sheet for The Chicken (Pee Wee Ellis) this morning and I'll upload it somewhere for those who want it.
Are sibelius files OK for everybody or would something different be easier? (I think I can export to Bitmap images from sib, and you can convert to jpg from bmp, so that might work?)
We could do a requests-style system or just everybody contribute a few tunes they think people would like.
If you're interested in helping out in any way, want to request a lead sheet, or have any suggestions, shout.
Mods, feel free to delete the thread if legality/copywriting is a problem, but if transcribed tabs are allowed, I don't see why lead sheets shouldn't be.

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I think PDF files might be easier for the majority of people to access. I have a collection of PDF's of jazz songs whose index is 30 pages long
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But you would need the Adobe Acrobat Writer, which is very expensive.

Advising people to download a program illegally to share transcriptions will probably be frowned upon by the mods
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I have a bunch on paper that I could scan in as jpgs or something. I also have the entire "real book of blues" in pdf form.
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OK first post fixed regarding encouraging people to steal sibelius.
I'm sure a lot of people have this fakebook collection (the one I think you were talking about, kmbuchamushroom):

But those charts were made donkey's years ago, and quite a few tunes have been excluded, along with various errors in the transcription.
So I thought we could share the charts that we've got for some of those tunes (and some charts for the ones in the realbooks etc), Especially transposed versions for Bb, Eb and Bass clefs, which are unrepresented by that collection.

EDIT: The Chicken for all parts (bmp files):

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If you've done them yourself then fair enough, if you're talking about scanning in books or sharing things that you can purchase then don't upload it.
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OK then, so we'll have to make it just our own transcriptions. Does anyone have any requests for sheets/has done any of their own they want to share?