my mom is offering to register me in camp jam this summer, it sounds cool, but this will be my borthday present this year, so i dont know whether to do it or not. Have any of you guys been there? Is it worth the $525? Is it worth a birthday over?
seems like a waste to me, have her spend the 250 on guitar lessons and you will learn more.
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probably not, unless you have very little experience jamming, in which case it could be a good experience, but lots of places (around here at least) offer free jam sessions on like sunday afternoons and stuff. Community Centres and places like that
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With all my lack of knowledge, and judgement based purely on the name,



i no nothing about it. But as Td Nights says, anything called "Camp Jam" must suck. maybe it's about delicious jellies and jams instead of music?

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Does camp jam taste any different to normal jam? A bit fruitier, maybe?
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Is it anywhere near as cool as Power Chord Academy?

with a name like taht, nothing could possibly be cooler
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You should read up on it and see what happens there before you go ahead and blow $525 on it.
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