I just recently bought a shirt with oodles of Marvel super hero faces on it, the problem is, I don't know five of the sixteen heroes! It's been bothering me all fo today, so I decided it's time to turn to the internet. :P

I also posted on Yahoo! Answers, so if you want to answer on there, or send it to a friend of yours that might know, here's the link:


Thanks guys!
marvel 002.JPG
marvel 004.JPG
marvel 005.JPG
marvel 006.JPG
marvel 008.JPG
the black dude is the falcon, the 5th picture is black bolt
I shot JR

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A guy on Yahoo Answers said that they're the Inhumans:

"Karnak- can find the weak spot on anything master of kung fu
Gorgon- can cause earthquakes
Black Bolt- the king of th inhumans
Falcon- capt america's other partner
Triton- an inhuman who lives under water"

That was easy enough. :P