Has anyone had experience with this amp? Are the effects tinny or digital, and would it be good for a live show of a max of about 50-60 people.
Also how tall is it and does it get very loud? I'm referring to the half stack 120 watt model btw :p.


Please help
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Honestly you can do better for that kind of money. What kind of music do you play?
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Honestly you can do better for that kind of money. What kind of music do you play?

Mostly metal like slayer. And some lighter rock like Avenged sevenfold.
What other kind of half stack do you suggest for around $500-600.
btw Dimmu Borgir is awesome.
Horrible amp, I could list reasons why but theres a limit to these texts.
For that money go for maybe a Randall half stack and some basic pedals, or save up alittle more and try out some Bugera amps.
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You could get $1000 custom made pickups hand wired with Eric Johnsons pubic hair, and they'd still sound pretty bad through a ****ty solid state practice amp.

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Really? I thought Frontmans where highly respected around here?!
i have one, its kinda balls. the 65W combo, but its basically the same. the effects are pretty bad, and its pretty hard to get a tight sound on the high gain channel. i would recommend almost anything else. i would steer clear of most SS amps if i were you, especially since you're gigging.

it does work as a practise amp for me though, since i am primarily a drummer.


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drone/doom/post-metal: http://theygrieve.bandcamp.com
i say with that kind of money you can afford a randall half stacks, many randall SS combos, and maybe even a tube b52 combo (pretty high gain)

these would be much better suited to playing metal than the crappy crate half stack
im gonna be honest, the amp sounds great, but its ridiculously quiet. when i tryed it in the store, i had to turn up to ten for it to be loud enough for drums. an amp should max out at five or six.

dont get a flexwave

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