have you played bass??

this is a tough song...tapping and harmonics as he gets them going can be hard

and he does some pretty quick smooth tapping thats hard to do man......but just practice

and dont say you have a leg up on things cause of guitar
that doesnt transfer over really anything all to significant to bass playintg and especially with a song like that which are pretty specific bass techniques.....there are tapping lessons all over the place tho look them up and practice
Not to sound flip and or harsh, but if you've never played bass, then I would suggest going back to square one and building some basics before you take on Wooten.

and pssst. just because you play guitar doesn't mean you will automatically be a kick ass bass player. In fact, as I found out it just brings a whole new level of handicaps to overcome along the way.
Hey guys, I didn't mean it like that. I simply stated that (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned length) just to point out that I'm not new to the whole music thing.
And I have played bass. Just not nearly enough. I guess I'll work on the foundation techniques I'll need..
It's cool. I guess my biggest problem is finding the sweetest sounding things I can, and go after them as opposed to starting small.

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It's cool. I guess my biggest problem is finding the sweetest sounding things I can, and go after them as opposed to starting small.

welcome to UG Bass. we all have songs that inspire us, but you must learn to walk, before you can run, with the big dogs. more power to you! practice is the key.
Think of instruments as houses.

One instruments = one house and to build every house you need to have foundations aka basic techniques. However, with experience of building more houses, you will find shortcuts to complete your house first. Like how to practise properly, music theory, connections to form bands etc.

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Sorry had to due that.

It's not an easy song to play. As everyone's already mentioned get your basic techniques down.

If it helps, look into the Wooten cover of Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed". The intro has some pretty basic two hand tapping that is basic but sounds nice. It's a very good segueway (?) into harder tapping. Learn the whole song if you can, but don't forget your basic techniques.

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and also i looked the tab up and its said the tuning was ADGC
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