Like the title says, what are some great exercises for someone looking to develop good speed?

I know LOTS OF PRACTICE, METRONOME, AND GO REALLY SLOWLY. So don't say any of that stuff. I'm looking for specific exercises to really focus on pinky/ring finger strenth, alternate picking, sweep picking, legato, tapping, right/left hand syncronazation(spelling?), and stuff like that.

As far as my ability for speed goes now I basically suck. Now don't get me wrong im not a bad player i've just never really cared if i had speed before. Over the last couple of months i've been trying to build speed but have failed.

By the way i'm for things that will help me play styles along the lines of Mark Tremonti, John Frusciante, Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, and Dimebag.
Thanks and any help will be much appreciated.
just keep increasing speed, while playing stuff perfectly, that, and just force yourself to use your other lesser used fingers
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Dimebag used to warm up by: start on low E, first fret, and hammer and pull off 1-2-1-2 using only your first and second fingers, then move to the A string and repeat all the way down to high E. Then slide over a fret and go 2-3-2-3 and move back up the neck to Low E....do this to about the 14-15 fret...or as high as you want to be honest. Then start all over however this time use your 2nd and 3rd fingers then your 3rd and 4th. This builds speed and legatto i guess.

Lol...i confused myself writing it but if you can make sense of it...your welcome