can only help me out with this http://www.aboda.org/site/images/as%20jazz%20etudes%20guitar.pdf specificaly the first two etudes, I need it for an scholarship audition on saturday this is my first go at jazz improv and i Know a fairly decent amount of theory, but whenever I ask someone for help on this they either are clueless or know to much and each one gives me a seperate intp. This will be a solo audition so should i follow typical complex jazz stylings and leave out the root and 5th, or include those as im playing solo, tabs/ chord chart interprations of your own, along with any other help would be greatly apreciated!
It will take alot of work by saturday, but Ill give you the basics. If it is solo, first of all, you should usually play the root in the bass voice of your chord, or the 5th, if voice leading dictates that. When you see a Bb6,Bb(triangl)7 or Just Bb, for example, play and variation of a Bb major chord you want and even add extended chord tones if you want(Jazz musicians rarely do not do this) Also, you can play any substitution for Bb Major, like C-7, D-7, EbM7, F7, etc (diatonic harmony, or pretty much any pitch in a Bb Ionian mode) for a Bb-7 Play Bb Dorian mode, or Minor chords, which if you think about it diatonicaly, is Ab Major. For Bb7, use the mixolydian mode, or the Eb Major, and for Bb(null set symbol)7b5 use the Cmajor scale/harmony. This might be complicated, but look up chord diagrams and it will be much easier. The problem for you will be learning this is time, because it takes a VERY long time to make Jazz comping sound convincing.
You won't sound like you know your stuff by saturday.

Anyway, this kind of stuff a competent teacher that specializes (not just claims to teach) jazz is good for.

If you have any really specific questions about that material, ask away.