hey all. I have a fender hot rod deluxe, less than two years old. I completely retubed it last july. (sometime around there, over the summer sometime.) I play live fairly often, generally a few times a month. lately i noticed that my clean channel is really quiet. (now i turn ti to 3.5 when i used to turn it to just over 2 for the same volume). the dirt channel is unnaffected. is this a tube problem, or something else?
thanks for any help. peace
tube problem.
change the v1 tube.
dont bother changing the v2 as that is for the gain channel.
no bias necessary, just drop in any old 12ax7 tube.
hey chea man...do you play on 2 for live shows? I have the 410 deville and it is.....a little toooo loud for me....i was gonna see if i could get a hot rod
hey nevin, i use just one HRD, with one 12 inch speaker. I usually find it way too loud. Im usually mic'd up through a PA.