Looking for another amp. I have a mesa 2:100 w/ recto studio preamp.

Not like I dislike the mesa, but there is not a ton of variety of tone. So, I'm looking for a head under a g and I've been researching the Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 100W.

Now before the line 6 bashing starts, I'd like to keep this thread restricted to people who own the amp or have friends that own one.

If it were a piece of crap, I doubt Bogner would want their name on it. That said, I've never heard the amp. I've owned a few line 6's in the past, includin a spider for practice and pods and whatnot, but found they sound good at a low volume, but not so good at a higher volume. Solid state thing obviously.

Now I'm wondering about this amp. I have heard the smaller ones that basically use the same interface and knobs and whatnot, but were solid state. I'm wondering how this one sounds. Obviously I will try before I buy, but will go late night or early mornin to GC before I get overwhelmed by people who took a hit of acid an hour earlier with a logo of a guitar on it and decided to become guitar players and visit guitar center.

Thanks in advance.

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Well i dont own it, but i tried it at guitar center for about 30 minutes and it was definatly better than the spider i used to own, the cleans were the best i've heard out of a line 6, and rival the cleans of my peavey xxx which are pretty nice, it had a good crunch sound as well, nailing ac/dc and the like. the high gain tones are good, but not amazing, as you turn up the gain it starts to get a little fizzy sounding, but pretty much anything will after playing it after the 6505 wich is tight as hell. anyways, the store was pretty empty so i got to crank it up a little, as the tubes got warmer and the volume rose it sounded much better as most tube amps do. i do believe it is overpriced, but it is quite versitile for what you get

Edit: I just realized i played the 2x12 version of it which is only 40 watts, but it should sound the same just a little worse at lower volumes, and louder
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My Spider III 75W. is okay...but I've never tried that before.
Dude...I tried out the Peavey 5150 III EVH stack and I was BLOWNNN AWAYY. God, like that amp was made purely for metal.
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ive played the smaller version... and it was brilliant!! ... but too expensive for my tastes...
I'm sure the Line6 bashers will show up any minute. I bought a Vetta 2 last week and had a few people giving me **** for buying it when I can guarantee they've never even played, heard, and probably never saw one before.

You'd be better off looking for a used Vetta 1, Vetta 2, or HD147. The Spider Valve amps aren't that bad. They're warmer and fatter sounding obviously because of the tubes, but I still wasn't overly impressed with the Spider Valve amps. I was expecting the cleans to be a lot better, but they were pretty dull. Most of the amp models have too much low end and gain, which you should expect from any Line6 product. You can easily dial it out though.
No experience here (disregard my post if you want). But from what I've heard, they're a lot better than normal Spiders - go try it out, you might like it. Then again, some people don't like them. Like Guitarmiester said, you might look into Vettas (if you can get them used for that price), or some versatile tube head. But the Spider Valve is not a terrible amp by any means.
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Yeah they're pretty good.

But I think you're better off buying the 1x12 combo and turning it into a head, its cheaper, and lower wattage. Does everything the same and because you can choose to use the speaker inside it or not you can saw it in half basically