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I can't give you a yes or no answer as I've never played the guitar, but looking at the specs and the sale price is does seem pretty good for the money... All solid wood, spruce and mahogany. I'd have to say try it at GC before you buy it. If you can't find it at a GC and MusiciansFriend has a good return policy, I suppose it is worth a shot.

Let's wait for others to chime in with their opinions (and possible experiences with the guitar).
Bump and check these guitars out:


I've played one myself, very nice guitar for the money, very similar features as well. I'd buy that one over a Fender personally, and a lot of people like that model. Grover tuners which are pretty good I guess.


I've played the rosewood version and I liked it for the price range.

Neither of those 2 are acoustic-electric, but at your price range the electronics in a guitar aren't going to be as good as those you can add later once you have more money. Are you sure you really need it to be Acoustic-Electric?