hey all,

i have decided to keep my fender deluxe reverb amp.
it has an awesome clean tone.
I am looking for a really realistic multi fx pedal, that has delay, overdrive/dist, and modulation...

or should i buy the pedals seperatley?

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I'm pretty happy with my Korg AX3000G as far as delay, flange, stuff like that go, but for OD, I got a nice OD on my amp (peavey classic 30) and I bought a metal muff for anything beyond that.

Bottom line: for everything but OD, a GOOD mfx processor i think is a good choice. I"ve only played korg's, but Boss makes one that looks good, and Vox has one too. Those should be solid choices.
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most multi-fx pedals have digital copies from an original pedal
some multi-fx have a good sound and othars just sucks
if you want to buy one i recommend to get a boss gt-8 or gt-10 or maybe a digitech RP350 or wait for the new RP500

in personal opinion i got the RP350 over the gt-8 because it sounds very good and was like half price than the gt-8, but i´ve heard that those 2 boss pedals rock
hope i helped you in a way
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