What do you guys think are the best strobe tuners on the market right now? Not talking vintage and such.
Like this one?

I got one free with a bulk pack of strings, and I'm quite impressed with it. Quite handy once you've figured out how to use it. Can't see much advantage over a good old fashioned pedal or little black box, though.
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Heh, those are convenient, I've heard, but I meant box or rack mount. I guess a pedal would work, too, but I want to be able to effectively use it on a bench as well, for set ups.
No pedal version isn't a big deal for me, to be perfectly honest. It's mostly going to be used on the bench, but some portability would be nice, of course. So that Turbo Tuner is up the alley.

Is that Planet Waves Tru Strobe (not the S.O.S) worth a spit? It's economically priced, but I can't find much info on it that doesn't come from the company PR.