This may be a personal preference of mine but my favorite acoustic solos generally come from people who play electric most of the time in the metal genre. For example I love the acoustic solos from many in flames songs, no more angels by soilwork, six/regret not by all that remains, etc.

I was wondering if you guys knew any other solos that might be similar to these
led zeppelins acoustice solos were always amazing, well his acoustic playing was a force to be reckoned with in general
look up the "twisted into form" album by Forbidden.

a lot of the intros are acoustic, and it's really pretty intricate guitar work. It's really not a solo, but it's acoustic stuff done by a thrash metal band, so, yea. Those guy's guitar work is really very impressive in general.
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the solo in the guns n roses song called one in a million is pretty ****ing dope
Listen to "Friday Night In San Francisco". Grounbreaking, all acoustic instrumental record, with some of the most intense acoustic solos ever heard.
Here's an example of what they do best (just wait for Mclaughlin's second solo):
Check out "Hangover Music Vol. 1" by Black Label Society. The whole CD is Zakk's acoustic stuff.

Youtube "Spoke in the Wheel", also by BLS. Really soulful sounding stuff. One of my faves
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"Spoke in the Wheel", also by BLS

Probably my favourite acoustic guitar solo.

Also check out Touch, Peel and Stand by Days of the New.
Phil Campbell´s acoustic guitar solo in the song "*****house blues" just kicks ass!!
It is on the album "Inferno" by motörhead