so today, i was headed to class, and our lockers end about 1 1/2 feet before the doors and stick out about a foot. so i come around the corner and one of my friends is holding a package of debbie chocolate cakes. so he was waiting for this kid and he was gonna throw them at him. well the kid came close, and he popped out and hit him in the chest. the kid then picked them up and chased the thrower. i reached up and snatched them and handed them to one of my friends. and went back to the doorway. (the hangount spot before class). so a couple people are left and another one of my friends walks by to his class and i slipped my foot out. just enough to make him do a funny step and continue on. so. i go back in class cause the bell rang. and this teacher comes in (shes a muslim. no lie) and says 'whats his name? and points at me. i was like wut the hell? what does she want to know my name for? and the teacher tells her and i was like what!?!?! and so she proceeded to write me up to get in trouble. she didnt even look at the kid that threw the debbie cakes. now what the hell. muslims....
Because you touch yourself at night.
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I love getting hit in the balls.

Sometimes, I masturbate while imagining my girlfriend is ramming her knee up into my precious orbs. It turns me on so much.

Actually, that's not true. I don't have a girlfriend
I have a few questions:

Question 1: What did the lockers have to do with the story?

Question 2: What is a Debbie Cake?

Question 3: Are you retarded?
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That last bit is made of 100 percent douchebag.

The Muslim comment.

Go have sex withyourself.

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You're a dick for referring her as a terrible person because she's Islamic.

The whole world is out to get you.
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