I'm looking to buy a classical guitar soon, and i want to know how cheap i could go but still get a decent guitar. I wouldnt be looking to get TOO serious with the classical thing, but i would like to have a nylon stringed guitar to use. Any help is appreciated.

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I have an Alveraz, forget what model though. But no matter what classical guitar you get, be ready to tune every time you play for about the first two to three weeks. Nylon's like to take reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllly long to stretch out and stay in tune.
Look around through some places and try and play a little something on one and find the sound you like. Also, try some local guitar shops for some no name brand guitars. I have a no name classical and it is good for the price($50). Basically just do the same as you would for shopping for any other guitar, go and play them to find one you like(while ignoring the brand/luthier).
If you don't want to go to seriously, Yamaha C-40 is around 100 bucks and even though it has a laminate top it is quite a nice sounding guitar.

Check it out.