recently i joined a rockband that plays allot of melloncamp, im going to be the rythem guitarist. they want me to learn these 4 songs by our next practice in 2 weeks. no problem, they are all simple chords. the one thing i noticed was they all seem to have the same exact rythem/strumming pattern. maybe slighty varried, but to the point were it sounds verry verry close. im not that good of a guitar player and have recently been learning about rythem and differant strumming patterns. did i overlook something, or are they all the same rythem, with a differnt tempo? thanks.

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Are you guys a John Melloncamp cover band?
Sounds a little... lame...
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

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You should try the Electric Guitar forum or Musican's Talk, man. You won't find the reply you're looking for here, well, at least not from the majority of the Pit.

To be honest, after listening to those songs, the rhythm of the songs sound nothing the same. I did only have a quick listen, though.
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