ok, so, I have a Brownsville flying v model guitar. I put an EMG 89 in the neck, and an 81 in the bridge. I also had the nut replaced because I bought it used before I knew much about guitar at all, and there was a crack in the nut. so I got the nut replaced...well, it turns out, the nut wasn't tall enough. So the guy who fixed it put a little plastic thing under the nut to maker it taller so the strings wouldn't scrape against the frets. Well, he glued the nut to it, but didn't glue it to the guitar, so, nut slid 1/4 of the ways off of my neck, and every time I try to bang it back in place, it slides back out, and now the little plastic peice is gone, and my guitar barely makes any noise at all. I'm getting it fixed sometime soon, but, I wana know if anyone has any suggestions of what I can do right now. (I've already made the stop bar as high as it will go and there is still some scraping)
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lol nut problem
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so I'm gonna geuss no one has any ideas at all...whatsoever...
Ibanez...and Tama drums...are the coolest.
there isnt really anything you can do that a guitar tech wont do. i wouldnt take it back to the guitar tech you originally took it too, apparently they are ignorant. thats a pretty careless/stupid mistake of whoever did that.
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