anyone know of some good songs to play for girls...
i guess along the lines of oasis or death cab...
idk i've reached a block and i need some stuff
for my girl...appreciate the help guys...
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Play some soft acoustic stuff, can't really think of songs atm.
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Quote by shavorules42
start with more poppy music with occasional screams and then work your way into emoish crap like a day to remember and so on.
more than words - extreme

women have loved it since it came out, and still do, if you can sing it as well as play it, you're looking even cooler. I impressed many a girl at parties when I was younger with it

to be with you - mr big, is also a good one
you've probably already learned it since you mentioned death cab, but i will follow you into the dark is a great song.

uh... jack johnson stuff, like "better together" and "banana pancakes" and others would probably be good. maybe some coldplay songs, although they can be a little boring to play on acoustic. check out some stuff by jon foreman too
kiss me - whatever band sang it, i forgot
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Try searching the forums. Theres been planty of threads regarding this topic.

kiss me - whatever band sang it, i forgot

Sixpence none the richer (i think)
My Funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra

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