Hey all.

I just found some video of my band playing a battle of the bands.
And id like to know what you all think of how we sounded.
Not everyones type of music but try to be open minded.

We are the first band to play.

Youtube video HERE


And i will try and C4C.

Feedback is much appreciated.
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Not everyone can scream correctly and/or sound good.

^^Nobody can sound good. Trust me.

Anyway, out of my opinion...

Your vocal harmonies are a bit off. You should sit down with the singer and work on them, because harmony is one of those things that you really have to get down.

I like you guys's performance, though. Especially the bassist.
So good to see you once again.
I thought that you were hiding.
And you thought that I had run away.
Chasing the tail of dogma.
I opened my eye and there we were .
Well Idk maybe you're right. Your playing was good. I can Scream but not sing so...thats what I base that off of but I know what you mean when you say correcty, not out of your throat and all. The bassist was good. Good comment on the harmonies.
I like it yeh, im not a huge fan of crazy ass screaming, but in context with the song it was good. Vocal melodies need work, or maybe you just sing them bits and your singer scream? You seem to have a better clean voice. Your a dam site better than the second band thats for sure, haha. Work on them melodies etc

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