So ummm why wont it let me write on walls or let me minimize certain things on my profile? Every time I click the minimize button a little message at the bottom left corner of my internet windown pops up that says "error on page" then "done". Whats up?
I'm pretty sure you can ask facebook about stuff like that. I had problems with their search bar (this is not a lame search bar joke), and they actually responded.
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Bottom right hand corner of the page is the help button.
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It might just be maintenance. Many of my friends have had the same problem today.

E-mail them, or just wait it out.
facebook sucks, its gotten so popular, it can't keep up with all the traffic, it wont let me post new pics on it, or do anything, im having the same problem you are, chalk it up to not enough people to maintain the site, and try again tomorrow, don't waste your time emailing them, if they can't maintain it, they wont get back to you before your issues with it are fixed.
...UG group, anybody?

Edit: relevance...I'm not good enough with computer problems to know why stuff like that happens, sorry :-\

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maybe its your web browser perhaps? what do you use? and i rarely get problems on facebook like you folks speak of.
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