Just out of curiosity
does anyone have/played an esp ltd ec-1000 with seymour duncan blackouts in it?
how did it sound?
better than the 81/60 it comes with?
i have not played that particular guitar.

but i can tell you from experience that blackouts are far superior in tone to emgs.
fight the power that be
IDK about the guitar either, but the best tone I've ever heard came from blackouts through a microcube amp. Tone like that out of a ****ty little amp means great pups
Basically, what you're asking is this:

How do Seymour Duncan AHB-1 'Blackouts' sound in a mahogany-bodied guitar, with a set mahogany neck and an ebony fretboard?

Before you listen to anyone ripping EMGs in this debate, be sure to compare their performance with 18v, instead of the stock 9v. I was close to selling and replacing my EMG 81 and 60 set until I slapped another battery in series. Honest to God, they sound like a completely different pickup set. It gives you more clarity, and tonnes more headroom with a more organic feel - exactly what most people say that the Blackouts offer.

If you can, get to a guitar shop and try some out. Opinions on the internet count for nothing, for two reasons: 1. They're subjective by nature, 2. They're from the internets, where you can't be certain of anything.

Good luck.