I have a four string Michael Kelly acoustic bass (fretted). I recently purchased a set of Nylon Tapewound Fender strings that I was going to put on my fretless, but I am now thinking about putting them on my acoustic. It came with roundwound D'Addarios that sound pretty good, even though they seem a little too bright and ring-y for my taste. I am kind of new to acoustic bass so I was wondering if these strings would give my bass a nice thick upright sound or just make it sound like sh*t. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
I wasn't totally sure what forum this would go under, but I will try the bass one. As far as the roundwounds go, I used to have long nails (like a classical guitarist) and when I played fingerstyle on my acoustic bass (with roundwounds) it sounded pretty good. I thought that putting the nylon strings on might change the sound to like a classical guitar/upright bass type of thing, but I wasn't sure, so that's why I asked.