ive been playing for 4 years now... 5 years on april 28.

im questioning my skill because i know one of my friends how r really amazing on bass but hes been playing guitar for 7 and bass for 3.

basicly i can play the whole The Awakening by Les Claypool and most of Country Music by Stu Hamm.

also i can do YYZ like nearly perfect and YTSE Jam too.

is tht good for only playing for 4 years and slapping for 1 year and tapping for like 4 months? thanks
First off, please use the edit button. Its not that hard (its right there on the lower right hand of your post).

Everyone progresses at different levels and in different areas. The only person you should be judging yourself against is yourself. Plus as bassists, we have different areas of expertise. I for one can state that I am a strong bass player in R & B and blues, and fingerstyle funk, but I lack certain cred when it comes to slap and tap. Its all relative, son.

And if you are bragging its not a nice trait anyway...Perfect playing is a very relative term as well.
no hes asking if hes good enough for his time playing because he feels imcompetent around his friend whos been playing bass for 2 years less then he has, the way i see no because he played guitar for a long time, and while chords are different and the sound its basically(most of the time mind u) playing a guitar with 4 strings instead of 6, so his experiance at guitar has trnaslated into a ngood pickup of bass
As long as you are setting goals for yourself and working towards them, you are doing fine. Again, comparing yourself to others can be a dangerous head game. Play for yourself. You will always be better than yesterday and not as good as tomorrow.

and F8, beyond the theory, guitar skills do not equate to an automatic bass prowess. But that's an argument for another day and another thread...
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I can do all that and I have been playing for two years and a half and I am not bragging, oh wait I just did. Seriously this thread is meaningless.

Oh man, Raul coming in for the KO.

Just as a note, I've been playing bass for [counts fingers] near on 6 years-I-think now, and I'm JUST NOW getting YYZ down to where I can play it and people can recognize it. And it's not a song I just recently picked up. So, though Anarkee is totally 100% right about comparing yourself to other people, understand that you're doing just fine. Just keep going, dig?
Les Claypool
Geddy Lee
Robert DeLeo


...Coincidence? I think not.
Well, can you write? That's the true test of musicality. I know plenty of people that can sit around and play all these complicated songs, but they can't write anything that isn't a disjunct mess of notes strung together.
all good points here

the fact is, people progress at different levels

Ive been playing 2 and a half years, and I can't do as much as I'd like too or as much as my friend who's played a simialr lenght of time, it doesn't bother me, I play for the joy of playing

so chill out TS, and nice music taste you have there
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I'm just joking Moog. you know nothing can tear our friendship apart, not even the fact we are miles apart, I am right there beside you, yelling, "Chug it, ya little wimp!"
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I can do all that and I have been playing for two years and a half and I am not bragging, oh wait I just did. Seriously this thread is meaningless.

You've only been playing 2 1/2 years?


EDIT: And TS, don't get caught up on how good you may or may not be. That's not how you should be looking at yourself. You should be thinking "am I having fun with my instrument?"

As has been said, bragging sucks, and people progress differently.

The moment it becomes a chore is the moment you should stop. A labour of love is different though.

And if you can't write a bassline, but can play all this stuff, then that doesn't make you a good bassist. It makes you a good parrot.
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