ok i no pickups come in one of three postions type (neck,neck or bridge, and bridge)
and iwas wondering if the location of the pickup is the only thing that matters, because i was thinking that if it didnt i could use bridge pickups in both the neck and bridge to get nice harmonics from both or if im wrong and the neck gets more power becasue if thats the case then my toggle switch is upside down lol
where they're placed is what gives it better harmonics.. although bridge pickups are typically hotter and therefore pickup the signal a bit better, it mainly just makes it louder. The main reason you get better harmonics on a bridge pickup is because it is closer to the bridge, and the vibration of the string is different over that location.
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ok i was wondering casue im building a guitar, but i bought a duncan performer detonator to put in it, but i have a razorback with stocks and i thought aobut taking out the neck and puting it in or swapping the bridge out but i think ill just wait and get emgs for the razorback and put the detonator in the self built
Nope, the harmonics sound much clearer on the bridge position. Pickups only get vibrations of the strings on the bridge and on the neck and it doesnt matter if you use a bridge pickup or a neck pickup. Using bridge pickups on your neck wouldn't help on anything. it would only give you more gain on the neck pickup than on the bridge.

What i'm saying is: if you want easy harmonics, use your bridge pickup.