So i bought a Jackson a while back and 3sets of 9s. Anyhow i just cant use the damn strings, they fret to easily!
Its great if i am playing on say the high E string but when i am playing on the b string,
my index finger keeps freting the E string instead of muting it..
Does this mean i need 10s or do i need strings with more tension?

I have nickel wound super tops/reg bottoms on the new Jackson btw, i cant remember what i have on my old guitar(which strings i do like), they have gold ball ends tho.

P.S i have lower action on this guitar which might have some impact. I am pretty sure both guitars have the same scale lenght tho.

So to clarify what i am looking for is suggestions on strings or in best case what strings my old once with gold ball ends might be.

try some DR 10's. what i use on my RR3 and love em. they last for ever and i beat the fuk outta them lol
Well, give 10's a try and see what that does.
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ya sounds to me like its your action.. you never want it too low, palm muting also sounds like **** when the actions way low, its not the string size btw, just try higher the action and you should be fine
Remember that Jackson's have some pretty big frets too.
Maybe your other guitar has smaller frets.

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Personally I don't think it has so much to do with the strings as your left hand technique, maybe play slowly and look at what your index finger is doing, your finger shouldn't be able to fret the string maybe you need to arch your fingers more?
I dont think my technique is the problem, or action. There is no string buzz.
But i will give 10s a try and if the price is right(read: disgustingly cheap)il try the DR strings, not sure if my local shop carries them tho.