The only store you'll find that at a Guitar Center, being it's a GC exclusive. Online, you'll fine it at the GC website, Musican's Friend, and Music123 (they're all GC owned).

It'll feel closest probably to the Damien or Omen 6. The neck's unpainted and has a matte finish making it feel really smooth. As far as neck size, it's pretty comparable to any other Schecter C-1. I mentioned the Damien or Omen 6 due to the bolt-on and unfinished feel.

Sound-wise, actually pretty decent. Although they're Duncan Designed pickups, they had a decent punch to them and seemed better on average than other Duncan Designed pickups I've tried on other guitars.

The one I had was well built with a beautiful ruby flame finish, and kept it's tuning without a problem. I had contemplated changing the pickups on it and had debated on it for quite some time. In the end though, I actually traded it in yesterday with a couple other things and picked up a Schecter Blackjack ATX FR.

I did NOT trade it in because I disliked the guitar in any way. It's a damn good guitar, especially for the price you can get them at.
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I 2nd this guitar.

My sister has one, and it is very nice for the price.
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I have been playing one for about 2 months now. I must have play about 20 guitars at the Guitar Center here in Corpus and even though it was somewhat cheaper then several I played. It came down to one perticular mexican strat and this one gryphon. Then about an hour later I walk out with the Gryphon. Im just a bigginer so my word if for **** but I really like this guitar.
like the other guy says. I have an omen-6 and if they're very similar then they play great... except for some minor fret buzz on my guitar